Canvas prints

They are a great idea for both a gift and an original interior design. Photo pictures on canvas is a unique decoration that will give the rooms character. In addition, it is not associated with high financial outlays and gives unlimited possibilities – virtually any photo can be printed and applied to canvas. They can be family photos, wedding photos, holidays photos, as well as photographs of animals, nature, loved ones, artistic photos – there are no restrictions! That is why photo-pictures are becoming more and more popular. We are open to the needs of our clients, which is why we will make photo paintings not only in standard dimensions, but also according to individual wishes. In addition, we can frame them or make them with printed sides. To make them we use canvas – waterproof canvas designed for artistic prints. It allows you to get the effect of a real work of art – the structure of the canvas perfectly imitates natural painting canvas.

Practical information

Whether or not the sides of the photo images are printed is entirely up to you. Printed sides, however, take 2.5 cm from your photo, which will be folded on each side of the image. Photo images with printed sides are recommended for customers who will not frame Photo images in additional frames.

The Foto dimension of the image is given in centimeters (it does not include 2.5 cm overlapping on each side of the loom).

Bleed line – the image print format must be increased by 25 mm so that we can wrap the print beyond the edge of the frame. This is called bleed.

Colors and resolution – all works should be prepared in RGB. Recommended resolution is 150 dpi.

Basic prices:

30×30 cm – 19,75€

30×40 cm -21,25€

30×50 cm -22,5€

30×60 cm – 23,75€

30×70 cm – 24,75€

30×100 cm – 31,25€

40×40 cm – 23,75€

40×50 cm – 24,75€

40×60 cm – 26,25€

40×70 cm – 28,75€

40×100 cm – 31,25€

50×50 cm – 25€

50×60 cm – 26€

50×70 cm – 29€

60×60 cm – 30€

60×70 cm – 32,5€

70×70 cm – 33,75€

100×60 cm – 41,25€

100×70 cm – 42,5€

100×100 cm – 55€

The dimensions provided are sample dimensions. At your request, we are able to print any image of any size. The prices include a canvas print stretched onto the frame. The prices do not include shipping costs, which depends on the size and number of ordered Photographs.

“Wszystko, co możesz sobie wyobrazić jest realne.”

 Pablo Picasso